Alpha Rules
Alpha Rules
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Just something to help you live good life with your dog, knowledge is power :-).This applies to all breeds of dogs.

Leaders go first. Make your dog wait at every door and gate (including the car). Make sure YOU go in and out the door first. You can use word  "wait" and then a release word, if you want. I just say  "EEEH!" if they want to go first.

Leaders eat first. You and your family eats first, then you feed the dog, BUT not at the table. If you want to feed your dog before your dinner, pretend you are eating and then give the dog its food.

Leaders control food. If the dog gets to eat anytime (self- feeding station) he likes, he's the leader-he is The Alpha. No self- feeding. Self-feeding can lead to a bloat in some breeds.

Leaders get the best spots. Do not let the dog on your furniture, including your bed. He can come only if you invite him. Once or twice a week is plenty, until he knows his place.Do not let your dog sleep on top of your head.

Leader has the highest place to sit or lay down. When you have problems with your dog do not let him be higher then you are. Do not sit on the floor and your dog is lounging on your sofa. Wrong! Let him be on the floor next to your leg(and put your leg over him) or you sit on the sofa.

Leader can go where ever he wants and the dog must get out of his way. There should not be ANY resistance on his part. He should move away quickly; if he does not move, just run right into him and through him.

Leaders get to see tummies and genitals. Submissive gesture for dog is to expose his stomach and genitals to Alpha dog . You can use a tummy rub for that purpose.

Leaders stand tall. When playing or just doing nothing , like watching TV, make sure you put your hand (paw) or head on your dogs back or put your chin on his head, do not let him do same to you. Do it many times a day. If your dog is misbehaving ...stand up...... be tall. Do not bend over..

Leader can stare. If you look at your dog do not avert your eyes first - wait till he does. Check on this, you will be amazed how many times you look at your dog and how quickly you avert your eyes not even thinking about it.

Leader can take the toys and keep them.

Leader does not play TUG of Wars.

Leader does not chase members of his pack. Do not chase your dog, rather let him run after you.

Leader is fair and benevolent, not cruel.

Leader =Alpha inspires security, confidence and happiness in souls of his pack members.   

Dogs are not humans,they do have their rules and here they are.

If you follow them, your dog will be happy, less neurotic and more secure in its life.


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