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Ch. Lionheart's Bohemian Beauty
Ch. Briarpatch's Simmon Says & Ch. Lionheart's RubyCube O' Dygros

Here she is starting her show adventure.

              Boo is noisy Frenchie when it comes to meals or cats.    



She also has this very strange ability. Boo can make very, very strange sounds. Sounds, which would work great in some horror movies.
Her puppies also tend to inherit this ability.
It is very funny to hear 3 to 4 French Bulldogs howl and sing, they do make pretty good music together.

Joshua and Lovie
are kids of Boo and Tommy
Grand Ch. Lionheart's Thumbs UP! , Lionheart's La Vie de Boheme
and Lionheart's Bohemian Crystal

Why do I love my French Bulldog.

Their diligence in saving me from homicidal gardening implements.The five minutes every day when they all go nuts and bolt around the house smashing into the furniture.
The bizarre noises that they make.
Their unswerving dedication to finding the warmest spot in the house.
The way they bring me rocks, and then look all proud like "Check me out - am I a genius, or what?"
Lying on the floor in the middle of a crazy puppy pile is my personal idea of what heaven should be like.

Least favorite? That they don't live forever, or at least to 25.


The Muzzle of French Bulldog
The muzzle broad, deep and well laid back; the muscles of the cheeks well developed. The stop well defined, causing a hollow groove between the eyes with heavy wrinkles forming a soft roll over the extremely short nose; nostrils broad with a well defined line between them. Nose black. Nose other than black is a disqualification, except in the case of the lighter colored dogs, where a lighter colored nose is acceptable but not desirable. Flews black, thick and broad, hanging over the lower jaw at the sides, meeting the underlip in front and covering the teeth, which are not seen when the mouth is closed. The underjaw is deep, square, broad, undershot and well turned up. (From AKC document).
 "Flews" = extensions of dog's upper lips (per Milan).

Do you want to see Boo's mom Ruby?
Ch Lionheart's RubyCube O' on her name