Teen Bully


Terrible Teens:

Bullies are not for a perfectionists or impatient people.

Bullies are for patient people who have sense of humor and who don't get embarrassed to easily.

Hopefully, people who are buying a Bully are prepared for it. They got their books, maybe the magazine "Barks" , maybe are on a BULLY LISTs or called or e-mailed our Bull terrier Club of America and became the members. They "Bullyproof" their house, just like they would with a child. No electric wires hanging in sight. No dangerous things around.

But, then EVERYTHING is potentially dangerous to a Bully.

These guys have one track mind. Once they want to do something (usually something you would never agree with) they will try to do it at least 4-6 times, no matter if you try to distract them with a cookie or some toy.They do not forget,  but go right back to what they were trying to do before.
That is why you have to watch them so closely. Simple "NO" is usually not enough with Bully babies (and many times with adults as well).

Most of the young Bullies will eat anything: towels, undergarments, shoes, sofas, Lazyboys, plastic bowls, window sills, blankets, kitchen cabinets, cruise control, safety buckles in the car, car seats, fences, sides of their crates ...and the list goes on and on.

A Bully has to be watched all the time - it takes only a second for your favorite chair to be destroyed. Now, not all  young Bullies are destroyers, but many are.

I train my Bullies to play with a ball, as it seems they use their full energy to run and fetch that ball. But my window sills and sofa are munched up anyway. Our Bullies love to play in the kiddie's pool (you have to watch - some of them will try to eat the pool). They also love to strip our trees of bark (Eve does a very good job of it). Now our trees are wrapped around with chainlink fencing.They love to pick berries and tomatoes from the vine.They pick up all fallen plums,apples and pears. They love to go for a ride and go for walks and visit people .

Toys which we use are King Kong, tennis balls (never leave them with the Bully after you are done playing), a black heavy rubber pail (used for feeding cows or horse, all metal parts removed), and Bully-indestructible balls (to play soccer with). Everything else seems to to be eaten eventually.Our Randy loves his big logs....trunk of the pine tree, about 5 feet long ,5-6 inches in diameter.He gets very good workout with it.
NOTE on the Rawhide.It can be VERY dangerous to your dog.Especially the bone type with a knot. Bully will chew one side of the bone off...moisten the middle and then ...try to swallow the rest of it.That is VERY painful to the dog.Also they will try to throw it up and then swallow it again...so do not give Rawhide.Depending where it was manufactured it can contain lead.This type of toy can cause bowel obstruction and potentially dead to your dog.

Training: At this time of their lives, the pups have to develop respect for their master/Alpha , who is FIRM, but not rough with the pup.He/she never gets upset when the puppy refuses to do things they asked them to do. Firm , but gentle is our motto - teaching without a puppy knowing it is being taught.

Bullie's desire for human companionship and its love for its owner will not prevent it from challenging for the dominant position (to be The Alpha dog) in the family pack.
This kind of behavior must never to be tolerated even during puppyhood.
The "games" of growling and biting may look cute at the beggining when the puppy is small ,but 65-80lb dog doing  same thing is a different story. Bull Terrier challenging persons authority is a very scary experience.

Nipping/pinching , humping , grabbing your shoes and pants ...any of these attempts at dominance are not to be tolerated. EVER!! It is much easier to convince the little pooper to change its ways than to try to correct and show your dominance to 65-80LB adult accustomed to deciding things for itself. Remember they are very stubborn.

Good book to read:Leader of the Pack: How to Take Control of Your Relationship with Your Dog by Nancy Baer. This book will give you some insight on how your dogs thinks.
I believe that there is a difference between obedience and being Alpha dog. If you are not the Alpha dog in your household you will have hard time obedience training your puppy. So work on your Alpha body language first and then do obedience with your dog. Being Alpha, is many times all what you need to have a nice pleasant dog. The obedience.......sit, down, heel will come quickly and naturally if your dog respects you.

Obedience classes: Many times people take the task of obedience too seriously and  demand too much from their little Bully too fast.

Bull terrier considers the repetition of  "boring" exercises - like sit ,stay ,down— VERY boring and many will get up and walk away, if lessons are not fun. Short, frequent sessions work much better in training a Bullie. So all you need is time...Overworked or bored puppy can refuse to listen completely after a few classes. It can also become shy and will hate the class and everything in it. So take your time....

Bullies are not a GSD. Many obedience trainers do not want and do not understand Bts. Look around and ask questions. Bullies are not easy to train, but once you learn how, it is not that difficult. Go slow, do not worry that the Border Collie already knows everything...don't be embarrassed. It will take LOT longer them 6-8 weeks to train your Bully. You are not going to be # One in that class.......

If you wanted to have an obedience perfect dog, you should not buy a BT. They have their own ideas of fun and how obedience should be. Just be firm and be the Alpha dog in your household.Bull terriers are the best companion dogs I ever had.

Do the dominance exercises when at home or outside just having fun in a park. I do them all the time...when playing fetch, going for a hike, watching TV in our bed,being at the shows...all the time. You can see me standing over my dogs at the show, holding that dog between my knees (telling him I am the Alpha and at the same time giving this dog assurance; I am here to protect you...do not be nervous) ,you can see me taking the ball from the dog and lovingly turning the dog on its back and then rewarding it with another "go fetch."

Go to the obedience classes....learn....do not send your Bully to the trainer......it is you who needs training to know what to do. Doing the obedience with your Bully should be part of your life with it .....you two should share it... and enjoy it....

Some Bullies will start seriously pushing for The ALPHA status around 8 months -1 1/2 year of age .If you are not ready and not The Alpha in your household they will let you know quickly.

It can start with nipping, charging thru a door first, barking at you,teasing you and then eventually a small growl at the time of feeding or when you bump into him (not willing to move for you) or when the dog is lounging on your sofa,bed or chair,not wanting to give up his place.....etc....the dominance struggle began!

That first growl indicates a very serious situation and your loss (or maybe you never had it) of the Alpha status.
Your puppy knows, if you are The Alpha from the first day it arrived in your household.
If you do not have your dog under control by it's 6 month you will be in trouble.

Be ready, study all the dominance exercises they are natural to you and you do not have to think about them. Just be Alpha all the time(and your spouse and the kids too). Bullies need firm hand. Prevent this problem by learning how to be ALPHA.

Being Alpha is not a bad thing. It is  the way of life.Only the strongest have right to lead, take care of the pack (and have right to reproduce) and protect it. We ,humans also strive for top positions,we also want to be Alphas in our human race.


More about dominance....My dominance over my Bullies is NOT a punishment - it is just how it is. Life. I am The Alpha ,The Master and they listen.

Crate:Since most of the young Bullies will destroy your house or kill themselves if left alone in the house, a crate is a necessary thing to have. Make the experience a pleasant one. Give your puppy treats to go into the crate.We use # 500 for our big boys and  #400 or 500 for our girls.  We do not use wire crates as many times people put towel over the crate and then...Bully eats the towel.
Plastic crates are better and safer.

NEVER bang on top of the crate of front door...you can make that puppy afraid of the small tight places and possibly it can become aggressive/fear biter, too. A crate should be home - a den for your dog. His or her domain. Every time I put my Bully in its crate I throw a small cookie or treat in it, this way they expect something good to be there. I do not put big bones in the crate as some Bullies learn to growl and you can really do anything about it when they are in their crate.The best indicator that the dog is thinking about his crate as its home is, when 11 PM comes and the dog is sleeping in its crate on its own.

Watch your Bully, as some will love to chew on the sides of their crate and can end up in a hospital very easily.Watch for signs of stress,if the dog is forced to spend too much time in its crate . It can develop into tail chaser or foot licker.

Exercise: Bullies are active dogs. They are Terriers .Eventually weighing between 45 to 80 LB.Girls 55-65LB,boys 60-80LB. Naturally smaller Bullies are easier to handle,but lot depends on the personality of that dog.
Randy,Jennifer and Q playing soccer. Abby resting.
They are also many times heavy and overweight. But they still love to jump and run.Quite a few puppies will suffer torn ligaments, tendons and broken legs as a result of too much jumping and running.

Going to the  doggy park: Many times people are unhappy when their Bully cannot be let go free and play in a doggy park with other dogs anymore. Some Bullies have to be on the leash all the time. Not because they are aggressive and seek a fight ,but because they are very strong and forceful.Young Bullies tend to hump the other dogs and tug on their collars , which can create a big problem as the other dogs and their owners will feel intimidated by them . Altering the dog will help a bit and will curb his/hers need for dominance, but you should be aware of this and not be disappointed, if you will not be able to take your dog to the playground.
Hike in middle of hot/muggy NC summer is hard on Randy ,Jenny.....and Milan

Bullies are great athletes, but are not Greyhounds and are not long distance runners. They have short muscles. Most will refuse to jog with you more than one mile. Carrying a Bully in your arms when coming back from somewhere is nothing unusual to Bt owner. Many Bullies hate rocky roads and will refuse to walk on them.

They exert short, powerful bursts of energy. Boy, the rocks will really fly at that moment! They can run around when happy at excessive speeds which we call:

"Bully run", or "Hucklebutt" or "JOY of Life Dance" It does not matter if they are outside or inside of the house. All of my bullies Hucklebutt at least once a day. If they would not I would think ..something is wrong. They can also do this if frustrated with something (not getting that cookie or toy).

When they run, you had better get our of their way. They come from behind, tackling you (hitting your knees) like a football player and on the floor you go (and you can end up with dislocated knee).Also jumping up when you want to pet them and giving you black and blue eye is nothing new to BT owners.

This could be a BIG problem ,if a potential buyer is thinking about his/hers elderly parent as a caretaker for their new puppy/young adult. I would not recommend this arrangement.

  I start taking my puppies to the
Confirmation classes after they get their permanent teeth.

Ch.Lionheart's Sundance Sunshine -Ch.Lionheart's Naughty Tina T-Ch.Lionheart's Tug Boat Willy
The important thing is to find a good teacher.It is you who needs to learn, the dog needs practice too ,but will do what you tell it to do.Do not do obedience ,if you thinking "show ring". Most frustrating thing is if you teach your dog automatic sit and then you go into show ring.
Ch.Lionheart's Driving Force-Ch.Lionheart's Firecracker Red-Ch.Lionheart's Catp.1st Mate
Handlers: there are handlers and there are handlers.Talk to people in your breed.Most of the Bull terriers are shown by their owners.If you have well grown Bull T there is not much stacking to do by you.Learn how to Free Stack.
You will find more info about shows on these links:
Infodog.com and Onofriodogshows.com
Good luck.