Our Bull Terrier past


Lionheart Bull Terriers

Dear Friends,

 we want everybody to know that we are not breeding our Bull Terriers any more.

If you need help or advise we are always here for you.

 Thank you for all the good times Yana and Milan


This is home of Randy


Ch. Lionheart's Let's Rock 'n' Roll, ROM

........is health was tested

BAER ,UPC, patellas and passed an Electrocardiogram/Doppler test on his heart, had Ultrasound done on his kidneys, was tested for diabetes and is also blood typed.

Hello - here is Randy.
When I was young I was 75 LB now I am old boy of 65 LB.
I was and still am sweet and loving. I am a good-natured fellow, and behave my best most of the time and can be trusted even with our little puppies.
I did my exercises on the tread mill when our weather was too hot or too cold and I loved it!! .
I am a Champion and ROM dog. When I won at a show (it was a Major) for the first time (and so did my sister Q), I was just 6 months and one week old .
When I was young...
I like to smile all the time- look at me (3 weeks old )  

 15 month old Randy




(best white dog)

  He is called Randolf, Ran, Randy-Andy, Sly Eye. 

2 years old



Our Miniature BT, Annie Little loved me madly! I had to make sure I did not step on her, since she was a little thing and I could hurt her .

Many times this was a problem.....as she was after me all the time...:-)

Winning is Great!!!!

I loved the whistling and clapping of people's hands when I was in the ring ....I did my best to look great . I do miss the shows and my mom takes me there even I do not compete any more.But now I just hang around with my humans...  

Now at age of 12 1/2 Randy lives his life in sunshine of Tennessee ,
he is like a good wine....Better with age.
Randy died peacefully in his sleep on Nov.23th 2008

Lionheart's Trill O' Victory 
There is still one Bully in our house Tina T.
She is shy ,sweet girl who is petrified by our Muscovy Ducks,
but she watches over our house like a true guardian.
She is now 7 years old and can safely play with some of the Frenchie boys. Not with some Frenchie girls like Boo Boo or Leena, they would be after her too much. But with the boys Tina has lot of fun .
They are always watched not left alone as they can get too crazy  running and if she would hit one of those small dogs she could injure them badly.
Here is Tina with Walter dancing at 5'30 AM potty break.


...and now is 2018 and Tina is still with us,
I do believe that buying Boyd/Great Pyrenees gave her lease on life, she did perked up after we got him...he is now 4 years old.

Born on August 5th 2002,she will be 16 years old this year.

....this was a happy day:-)