Gallery 1

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Welcome to Gallery 1
Here are some pictures of our new friends and their new Lionheart puppies.

  BILLY/Lionheart Fabelhaft Five Hundred  lives now with Joan and Carl in Nashville TN

Bella with mom Gwen Tenn; Bunnie - Lionheart's Miss Frenchesca  in Wash.; Puppy Jovie with Mom Christy

Lionheart's Esme'Brie lives in NY NY with dad Ron.

Ema lives with 
Mel and Swanee in NC, Boo's sister Amy lives in Norway.

Zuriel is lounging in Tenn. Rosco and lil' Frenchy Tucky in Florida.


Lionheart's Roscoe & Tookie and their buddy Misty are Florida residents .

Thank you for pretty picture .

CH.Gunstock Dygros (Guinness)  is cousin to most of Lionheart Frenchies. He lives with Beeler family in NC.

Gus (Gus with the pacifier) - Lionheart's Lil' Agustus; Gus lives with mom Amy in NJ, USA

Leanne with
LOTUS/ Lionheart's FairyTale and POLLY/Lionheart's Sweet Embrace
these cute puppies live in NC.

This is McLUV'n
Black Ties SuperBad
Gradons Ozamandious Redsky& Frenchesca's ElleEst La Patronne 
Only 1 Point to go!
he is Bunny's grandson and I think he looks just like his Grand uncle Walter.
BUNNY / Lionheart's Miss Frenchesca - The Top Model

Why do I love my French Bulldog
I love my Frenchie because she is always in great mood.
Rain or shine,she is thankful for new day to play.She also loves wearing fashionable clothes!!!