Gallery 4

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Welcome to Gallery Four

This is Rufus, he is Joy's boy in SC.

Rufus and  Dixie are Shrimpy's n Joshua's kids.

Lionheart's Dixie on Cloud 9 stole hearts
of Carol n Dale and lives in Mountains o' NC
how sweet...

Happy Birthday!
Birthday hug from Maci
Zuriel/Zu just turned 3.

so did Lilly, she is 3 years old too!

is now in Charlotte NC,she is Mome's and Crimy's daughter.

Here is Polly's Pete again!
"Hurry Up Mom!Take that picture!Quick!
These people will not wait forever,they will drive away with me!"

Casey n Ninja are half brothers, Rosy's and Honey's kids.
They live in Cal.

Yogy / Lionheart's All The Way TN resident
loved by Don and Debbie.

Little cream Rocco is leaving with his new mom Stancy .
Year later Frankie joined the team.
Boy! What will future bring?

Pete is getting ready for Halloween Parade.

Mr.Neilson and Remy/Lionheart's Up,Up and Away
are buddies from day one.

Tony with Remy and Mr.Neilson

Pete and his mom Polly love the beach...
and we get great pictures.Thanks!