Lionheart's  StarryNite O'Dygros

Spine,elbows and hips x rayed.Eyes,patellas and heart tested

Lucy Lui, LucyPet , Luper or Lupi Lu ,Lucinda 

(19.5LB) is  very smart, always looking  for something to find , pull ,steal or eat.

She is The Alpha and Big Mama in our little Frenchie family and bosses everybody around.

Every new toy or food has to be approved by Lucy first . She also have the privilage to discipline all our youngsters.

Here we are at Supported French Bulldog shows in Florida.

Dad and Lucy in the front.....mom and Ruby in the back...

.......... it was freezing there ,but our mom knew what to do...

Lionheart's French Connection ...........Lionheart's Lets Dance


Freddie and Pete are Lucy's sons.

Lucy is now retired and spayed living with us in Tennessee.