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Lionheart's  CocoNut Pied

Lionheart's  French Connection & Vogue du Champagne Lionheart

Heart good , JHC DNA test - Clear, had her Spine, Hips, Elbows and Patellas x-rayed , CERF/eyes.

Puppy Shrimpy with Bull Terrier puppy friend .


Shrimpy is very active and playful , very smart and eager to please.

She is one of those you call The Escape Artist,  

No one can open the gates and doors,climb the fence like she can.

Shrimpy is pied BMF= Black Mask Fawn Frenchie.


first show ever
4 Point Major BW,BOS
click here to see some of her kids.. ..Leema


Color of French Bulldog
Acceptable colors - All brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and any color except those which constitute disqualification.
All colors are acceptable with the exception of solid black, mouse (blue/grey), liver, black and tan, black and white, and white with black, which are disqualifications. Black means black without a trace of brindle .AKC.