Ch.Jackpot! I am the Boss O' Justus& Ch. Lionheart's RubyCube O' Dygros
Now retired lives with us in hills of TN.

 Shugy & Rosy are sisters

Different like night and day.
One very composed and easy going, the other one  very excitable, much more difficult  to show , was Shugy. 
She started  her show career at 10 months old and it took her only two months to finish.

French Bulldog National Specialty 2006

Gatlinburg, TN...Second Place in BBEx


Shugy and Tommy's sons
TIMMY/Lionheart's Sweet Success

 and his brother BENNY
He was The Winner Dog
 with win over 65 French Bulldogs for 5 point Major
at The Independent French Bulldog Specialty in Kansas 2008
all at age of 10 months.
  CH.Lionheart's Sweet Baby James 


Do you want to see my mom Ruby?
Ch Lionheart's RubyCube O' on her name

Forequarters of French Bulldog
Forelegs are short, stout, straight, muscular and set wide apart. Dewclaws may be removed. Feet are moderate in size, compact and firmly set. Toes compact, well split up, with high knuckles and short stubby nails.AKC.