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 right now we have a quite a few
Videos of our Frenchies
made by Milan & Yana :


Mabel...Lionheart Fortune's Desire 2016-2017

Tommy's 11th Birthday 2015

Luke GRCH Lionheart's I Dream O' ET

Wally,Danny and Adam.

*Pete /Lionheart's Two Thumbs Up for Me!
I am Trying my best Mom....2015
Frankie / Lionheart's Crazy about Pied!
9 months old Frank 2015
R2B2 /Ch.Lionheart's Mad Man O'Fortune
strutting his stuff....2015
Wally's first time on the show leash...2015
Tommy's-Miracle Boys -2015
 ADAM practicing without leash...2014

WILLY Sept 2014


TOP 20 Invitational 2013 and People's Choice/Bobby/ BOB

Bobby on the Table with Perry Payson..2014

Top 20 Invitational /ROSY /OP- parts 1 and 2

California Eukanuba Invitational /ROSY/Group 2 parts 1 and 2

Mome's puppies
Becka's puppies
Puppy boys outside
Dancing puppy
Top Line, Gait, free stack & table stack
4 Little boys learning to eat 3 weeks old
4 Little boys eating and at The Spa 6 weeks old
4 Little boys 8 weeks old
4 Little boys 11 weeks old and Lionheart gang, first time out
Molly, Taki n Apple at Greenville SC
French Bull named Pepper
Casey Bear for Ellen
Tommy and Young Joshua gait and stack
Molly/ Tommy Puppies 8 weeks old fall 2011
Joshua at the Greenville SC shows 2010
Noble at the Greenville SC show


WINNING The 2011 Atlanta National Specialty

plus other Lionheart kids...
* * *
First Short video from Leland and Laura (click)
for first time.
 PIGLET( Chapter 1)
and All The Lionheart' Kids growing up with him on PIGLET and KIDS
Thanks Laura,Leeland and Boys

one more video from our friend Justin

click on
living with Linda

Tommy's and Hope's/Frenchesca's To Cherish A Desire(click)

Puppies 2012

in Wash.state
loved by  Carie and Jamie.


......more is coming, so come back to see us again.
Yana and Milan


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