CH.  Lionheart's Tennessee Waltz

Lionheart du Champagne & Starrock Evita Lionheart
when I was a little puppy

Owner handled only.

Here is Walter  at age of  9 months , new AKC Champion with 5,4,3,4 Point Majors.


Two years old.
Walter had the following tests done :  
Heart , CERF/eyes, had his Spine, Hips, Elbows and Patellas x-rayed ; his weight is 27 lb; No Spondylosis.
He is now retired. No stud service.
Walter is very sweet gentle French Bulldog boy, who gets along with everyone.
Since the color on his head gives him certain expression, we call him  The Worry Head.
He loves to play soccer with any dish or ball.


Here is Walter's Dad and Mom

Leo/Lionheart du Champagne & Patti/Starrock Evita Lionheart
Leo is now retired in Melbourne, Fl with mom Sandra and Patti with mom Laura  in CT. 

Why do I love this French Bulldog.
I do love his face, which always looks like he is thinking hard. I love to watch him move in our back yard...with so much elegance ,but at the same time with lot of power in it.
His top line to me is perfect.
He is my buddy, sweet boy who loves to give kisses, but can play soccer real hard with me too.
Now he has new dad and mom,  is only child in their house ,which makes him very happy.

Gait of French Bulldog
Correct gait is double tracking with reach and drive; the action is unrestrained, free and vigorous. AKC.